by Eli Sasich & Nathaniel Shriver


A FISSURE IN SPACETIME – It’s 1899. In an experimental Colorado Springs lab, a reclusive, eccentric, genius inventor has discovered a way to tear a hole into spacetime! Strange objects and machinery clutter the lab, leading to TWO GIANT IRON TOWERS. A hand flips a SWITCH and LIGHTNING pulses – then a curtain of electricity opens between the towers, creating a PORTAL into ANOTHER WORLD. This world is DARK & SILENT.  

The hand's owner turns and faces us – and we finally meet our hero – NIKOLA TESLA (45). Cold. Analytical. Lacking empathy. A Scientist.

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD – Tesla PREPARES for the JOURNEY. Food. Water. A small revolver (which he fumbles with - clearly unfamiliar with traditional firearms). Tesla lifts a HEAVY LANTERN and, without hesitation, CROSSES through the portal into the OTHER WORLD.

With a LOUD CRACK the portal seals shut and the SWITCH snaps off - leaving Tesla TRAPPED on the other side! 

A MOST UNUSUAL FRIENDSHIP – SOMEONE enters the lab, calling out for Tesla. They approach the SWITCH and examine it curiously. We reverse and meet our second hero – MARK TWAIN (64). Warm. Sardonic. Sarcastic. A Humanist.

Twain, touring the country with his new novella, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, has come to collect Tesla to finally MEET HIS WIFE, OLIVA 'LIVY' LANGDON CLEMENS, who is arriving that afternoon by TRAIN.

 Twain, unsuccessful in locating Tesla, returns to the SWITCH. Despite himself, he FLIPS IT.

The PORTAL REOPENS and, moments after, Tesla LEAPS OUT. Twain is shocked when confronted by a BEARDED Tesla, whose clothes are TATTERED SHREDS of what we saw minutes earlier. Although it's only been MOMENTS for Twain (and us), MONTHS & MONTHS have passed for Tesla!

"The hell happened to you, Tessie?"

Twain DEADPANS A JOKE as the lab is suddenly plunged into a BRIEF DARKNESS. Once the lights are restored, Tesla and Twain realize they aren't alone – something has followed Tesla back... 

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In development. More info coming soon!