ATROPA  – Sci-Fi Digital Series


A troubled Off-World Officer, running from his past, finds himself slammed directly into it when he boards the mysterious spaceship ATROPA. A love-letter to the grungy science fiction movies of the 70s and 80s, the seven-episode digital series ATROPA features a twisting sci-fi plot, dazzling visual effects, and legendary genre actor Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Top Gun, Starship Troopers).

ATROPA was initially released on Vivendi's STUDIO+ app, but the service has since been discontinued. The series will see another release later this year, however. Be sure to sign up for updates so you don’t miss any announcements!

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Directed by: Eli Sasich

Written by: Clay Tolbert & Eli Sasich

Produced by: Chris Bryant

Co-Produced by: Lieren Stuivenvolt Allen

Director of Photography: Greg Cotten

Production Designer: Alec Contestabile

Edited by: Eli Sasich & Zach Anderson

Music by: Kevin Riepl

Visual Effects by: Ryan Wieber

VFX Supervisors: Ryan Wieber & Tobias Richter

Spaceship VFX by: Tobias Richter & The Light Works

Sound Designer: Mike Ault


Anthony Bonaventura
Jeannie Bolét
David M. Edelstien
Ben Kliewer
Chris Voss

& Michael Ironside

Official ATROPA: THE SERIES Poster by Paul Shipper

Making-of interview at NoFilmSchool.

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